Creating a Successful Campaign

Follow this step-by-step roadmap for getting FORMED into your parish using FORMED Funding.


FORMED Funding Campaign should be a team effort to provide multiple voices who can encourage participation within your community. 

Additionally, the team (or the parish itself) can serve as first contributors to the fund, so that when your campaign becomes public, it already contains a groundwork of contributions. This encourages others to jump on the bandwagon.


Getting the timing just right is important in order to maximize the visibility of your effort.

New accounts are given a 30-day campaign window in which to raise funds. Plan to promote your campaign over a four-week period to maximize the fruits of this 30-day window.

Existing accounts should plan to launch several months before their renewal date to increase parishioners’ opportunities to completely cover the cost of your subscription using FORMED Funding.


The best way to encourage people to contribute is to give them a taste of all the great content they can access on FORMED. Feature the most relevant or timely content for your community and plan to promote these selections during your campaign. We suggest using both physical promotional materials and setting up your FORMED Community page to feature custom content directly on FORMED.


Whether you are setting up a brand-new account using FORMED Funding or helping to fund the renewal of an existing subscription, you should make sure your community has created their custom FORMED URL. A custom FORMED URL (ex: offers easy access to your Community page, and makes it incredibly simple for your parishioners to first register for their free FORMED account. See video for how to setup your custom URL. Creating and maintaining a FORMED Community page is an essential element is creating a vibrant faith based community.  Your Community page becomes a hub for discovery, discussion and learning about faith based subjects of your own selection.

Video: How to Use Community Page


The pastor or leader should plan to make a personal appeal to the community each week. Encourage individuals to visit your custom FORMED URL to check out the featured content, as well as explore all the amazing resources available on FORMED. Your message should stress…

  • FORMED can help you grow in knowledge and love for the faith
  • It is a source of wholesome entertainment for the whole family
  • Individuals can help the parish provide this wonderful resource by contributing to the Funding campaign.

This weekly message should also ALWAYS encourage members to spread the word to others.  This could include other parishioners as well as members of the local community who do not always attend Mass.  It could even include non-Catholics who are open to discovering the faith. This is a great opportunity to evangelize — the more people who use FORMED, the better the chance of achieving your funding goals!


When inviting people to join always ask them to…

  • Download the FORMED App
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Type in your custom URL
  • Complete the registration form
  • Check out Community to see featured content
  • If they enjoy what they experience on FORMED, please consider contributing to the campaign!


Now you are ready to start your FORMED Funding Campaign!

  • Review the steps involved in creating a new or renewing an existing account.
  • Once FORMED Funding is enabled by the account administrator, registered users in your parish will see the progress of the campaign when they visit.
  • Carry out your plan for spreading the word and gathering contributions.
  • Monitor Funding campaign progress on the FORMED Funding account panel.*

*Your account is automatically billed at the end of the campaign to cover the remainder of the cost. Any excess funds are retained for future renewals or purchases from the FORMED Market. NOW, LET’S LEARN HOW TO SET UP FORMED FUNDING!

Need a personalized FORMED Funding walkthrough? Schedule an appointment with a FORMED Expert.